Behind the Legend

 Legend Wagon-2018 (Flagler Beach, Fl)

The name sets the standard. 

Based a stones throw from Daytona Beach, Fl, Legend Intl. is an organically grown brand developed for Legends of Surf, Skate, BMX and all things Moto. Built with the integrity and quality you'd expect of the name; Legend Intl, the clothes we offer are modeled after the brands we grew up with whilst shopping for hours on end at Pacsun and local Surf/Moto shops. Nostalgic and refreshing to the max.

Driven to inspire greatness in the individual and thrive on the success that makes one a Legend, we learned early on that even Legends have to look their part. You see... If you look good, you feel good. One thing tends to lead to another and the next thing you know, you're a Legend too. 

With an international reputation in motorsports and otherwise, the Legend himself has 10+ years helping top athletes and international Legends achieve more in their pursuit of championships and personal goals. Legend Intl. doesn't just make sense as a brand. It's iconic of the accomplishments one can achieve when they push passed their limitations to overcome and conquer. It's what drives us to build the look for the part. That and we meet the most bad ass people along the way!

Support our movement to clothe Legends around the world, starting with yourself.

The Legend